Toni T. Ellis

Toni T. Ellis

Founder and Creator

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Toni T. Ellis, Soul Sparker and Clarity Coach, coaches emerging thought leaders into becoming published authors. She offers clarity to the one with clouded judgment, focus to the one in disarray, and action plans to those in need of specific steps to execute lofty ideals.

Toni holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in Education. She is committed to the pursuit of higher learning. A series of challenging life experiences has proven an even more valuable form of “higher education.” Key adversarial events have shaped her for the better, both personally and professionally.

In 2011 Mrs. Ellis published her first children’s literature book with Tate Publishing & Enterprises entitled Baby Girl’s Mirror! Her second offering God’s Dowry for His Daughters: His Good Treasure addresses the holistic wellness of women and was self-published with Xulon Press in 2013. She has also co-authored two Amazon Best-Sellers: Bold is Beautiful, Breakthrough to Business Strategies and Fabulous New Life.

Toni’s talents in writing have led to the development of a line of books that she hopes to have published one day soon. The books focus on the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness of children and their families.

As an author, her books primarily serve to encourage women and girls to discover, accept and embrace the true essence of their purpose. Toni is a passionate change agent that sparks others to SOAR!

Purpose driven and passionate about living an authentic life, she is determined to maximize the moments mercifully granted to her. Toni’s resilience has shaped her into real raw transparency, and it keeps her grounded in her faith. She is a woman of wisdom who SOARs and ROARs!

The Sparked to SOAR Summit is the beginning of the SOAR-ROARity™ movement. This movement promises to ignite the SOAR and the ROAR potential of many. To SOAR is to consistently show-up, own-up, and positively act-up, in order to rise-up. To ROAR is to be resilient, optimistic, accountable, and restored in all broken areas of your life.

At the core of everyone is the desire to SOAR. It begins with understanding your SOUL purpose. She believes her soul was purposed to serve others in their pursuit of self-development, self-discovery and self-love. We were all commissioned to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Sparked to SOAR Summit is Toni’s labor of love for herself and others.

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